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As you look for a wedding venue near Denver, you might be wondering why the prices are so high? Why are weddings so expensive, and how can we reduce the average wedding venue cost in Colorado? The wedding venue makes up most of the cost of the wedding itself, but it will vary. Deciding whether or not to have the wedding indoors or outdoors makes a difference in the venue’s price, as does what is offered at the venue and its location. We will take a closer look at the average wedding cost and how to save for a wedding.

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The Cost of a Wedding Venue Explained

How much does a wedding cost? As you look at the cost of a wedding venue in Colorado Springs or Denver, many different factors play into that price you might not be fully aware of. For example, the wedding venue needs to cover the fees for electricity, water, parking, property maintenance, liability, insurance, taxes, staffing, marketing, and more. The establishment is also responsible for cleaning and any damages that might incur over time. These costs are worked into the venue’s price for the establishment to remain open and profitable.

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Venue?

So now, you might be asking how much does the average wedding venue cost? According to Value Penguin, the average wedding venue cost in Colorado is $203 per person. Nationwide, you can expect to pay more than $18,000 for your wedding venue. Why are weddings so expensive? As previously discussed, the venue has many other factors to work into the price, which increases your cost. However, you will find that the prices at White Cottage Guest Farm are far more reasonable than most in Colorado and across the country.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding Venues: What’s the Price Difference?

The outdoor wedding venue typically costs less than an indoor wedding venue but can offer so much more. With a beautiful, natural setting surrounding you, it’s possible to go with even fewer flowers and decorations than if you held an indoor event. Depending on the area, the price difference might not be a huge change, and many venues now offer indoor and outdoor setups just in case bad weather unexpectedly rolls in on the big day. Just as indoor venues have associated costs with maintenance and expenses, outdoor venues are no different. The property needs upkeep and maintenance to hold its beautiful setting.

The Cost of Small vs. Large Wedding Venues

How much does a small wedding cost in comparison to a large one? If you are paying based on the average cost of wedding dinner per plate, you will naturally pay less to have fewer people. Thankfully, it’s possible to find a wedding venue in Denver that will accommodate either a small or large gathering at a reasonable cost.

How to Save Up Money for a Wedding Venue

If you want to put money away for your wedding, consider the following ways to cut the costs.

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