Wedding planner sitting down with a future bride and groom discussing the job and duties of the wedding planner

With so many options, you must wonder – what does a wedding planner do? This essential wedding personnel helps you organize and handle your wedding’s logistics, from scheduling the wedding venue to getting everything in order on the day of the big event. We will answer your questions about what wedding planners do and show you how a wedding planner’s responsibilities differ from a wedding coordinator’s.

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What is a Wedding Planner?

The job description of a wedding planner involves handling all of the wedding logistics. This job ranges from dealing with vendor referrals to negotiating wedding contracts on your behalf. The wedding planner ensures everything is seamless, taking the guesswork and planning out of everything.

Wedding Planner Roles & Responsibilities

The duties of a wedding planner are far-reaching, depending on what your needs are. However, here are the top responsibilities of a wedding planner.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

If you are looking to hire a wedding event planner in Denver or Colorado Springs, here are some questions to ask first.

  1. Do you have my wedding date open?
  2. Can you work with my budget?
  3. What services will you handle?
  4. How will you help us navigate the contracts?
  5. How many employees will be helping at the wedding?
  6. How many weddings have you planned?
  7. Do you have any references?

Wedding Planner Contract: Pay Attention to the Details

Future bride to be and groom looking at the details of a wedding planner contract

When you hire a wedding day planner to help with the details and wedding venue, you will have to sign a contract. As with any written agreement, you must pay careful attention to the details. Make sure you get everything you’ve agreed upon and that you have all of the details, such as the date and location of the event, clearly stated in the contract. Ask yourself what a wedding planner needs to know and ensure that information is secured in the agreement.

When to Know You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

After reading all of the wedding planner info, how do you know when you should hire one? Here are some signs it’s time to get a wedding planner.

Wedding Day-Of Planner Differences

The day-of wedding planner is going to focus solely on your big day. This person’s roles include managing the day-of timeline, overseeing vendors, and handling any of those last-minute decisions that need to be made during the event.

Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator

Unlike the wedding planner, the coordinator isn’t going to handle every detail and won’t be around for as long. Instead, the wedding coordinator handles the last few weeks of wedding plans by checking in with the vendors to confirm logistics, overseeing last-minute details, and managing the rehearsal. The wedding coordinator works with you to ensure the final result is as planned.

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