wedding invitation examples and ideas of rustic, elegant, minted, funny, acrylic designs

When the time comes to invite guests to your chosen wedding venue in the Colorado Springs to Denver area, you want to create memorable invitations for your big day that get noticed. We will discuss some top wedding invitation ideas and show you some best practices for creating your designs.

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Wedding Invitations: What They Are & Why They Matter

Creating the right wedding invitations helps your guest know what to expect. This simple piece of paper sets the tone for your wedding venue in Colorado Springs. It also helps the guests prepare for what’s to come.

Wedding Invitation Examples & Ideas

Whether you want outdoor wedding invitations or creative wedding invitation designs, we can show you some examples. Gain some wedding invitation inspiration with our selection.

Rustic Wedding Invitation Examples

rustic wedding invitation example and idea

Rustic wedding invitations come in many designs, from a country feel to a romantic touch. You can even choose a floral design for even more style. If you are looking for a barn feel or having your wedding in a rustic setting, these are the perfect invitations.

Elegant Wedding Invitation Examples

elegant wedding invitation example and idea

If you want a high-end, classy design, consider elegant wedding invitations. These are best for a formal wedding venue to show what your guests should expect. The elegant designs for these wedding invitations are also classic and timeless.

Minted Wedding Invitation Examples

minted wedding invitation example and idea

Minted wedding invitations are designed by one particular company that has become a leader in the industry. You can find almost any design you want from Minted, making it an easy place to shop for your wedding. The site also contains tons of wedding invitation examples for you to look through.

Funny Wedding Invitation Examples

funny wedding invitation example and idea

Your wedding doesn’t have to be traditional or stuffy. With funny and cool wedding invitations, you can show a sensor of humor to your guests. Share a cartoon or amusing joke to get your guest laughing.

Acrylic Wedding Invitation Examples

acrylic wedding invitation example and idea

These unique wedding invitations are the hottest thing right now. The hip design creates a chic appearance that stands out. Again, you can add some floral designs for even more class.

The Importance of Wording & Design on Wedding Invitations

Whether you are creating funny or vintage wedding invitations, it’s essential that the wording is just right. You want to be clear and concise so your guests know where and when the wedding is located. If you have a specific dress code or requests, such as no kids allowed, you need to be very clear on the invitation.

How to Address Wedding Invitations & When to Send Them

Depending on who you are sending the wedding invitations to, there will be a different way to address them. While we could do a complete article on this topic alone, here are some guidelines to consider.

You want to give your guest plenty of time to prepare for the wedding, which is why you send out your invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding unless it is a destination event.

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