Two wedding event coordinators sitting side by side figuring out the logistics of the wedding

When planning your big day, you might find it beneficial to have a wedding coordinator or day-of coordinator in Colorado Springs. Before you starting planning ahead, you’ll want to know the difference between a wedding coordinator and a day-of coordinator, just as you should understand the difference between a wedding organizer compared to a wedding planner. We look at the wedding coordinator and day-of coordinator differences to know which is the right hire for your wedding.

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What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Coordinator vs. a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator?

In general, your wedding organizer will meet with you a month or two before the wedding and go through all of your contracts. They are responsible for reviewing the agreements and confirming all of the logistics. They will also complete the final walk-through and manage the rehearsal. On the other hand, the day-of wedding coordinator focuses strictly on what is occurring on the specific day of the wedding. This person will be available on the day of the wedding to ensure everything goes as planned. The wedding coordinator is very different from the venue coordinator, as the latter doesn’t work for you, and the first helps you prepare ahead of time.

How to Know When to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

The reasons you would hire a wedding coordinator are quite different from why you would want a part-time wedding organizer or day-of coordinator. Consider hiring a full-time wedding coordinator for these top reasons.

How to Know When You Need a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

While some of the same reasons exist to hire a day-of wedding coordinator, consider these factors.

Wedding Coordinator or Day-Of Wedding Coordinator: Is One Better than the Other?

Two day-of wedding event coordinators making sure everything goes smoothly on the wedding day

There’s no right or wrong decision when you pick between the wedding coordinator or the day-of wedding coordinator. It solely depends on what you need. For example, if you need help reviewing the contracts and working out logistics ahead of time, you will likely want the wedding coordinator by your side. This person might also help you on the day of the wedding, or you might need someone else for those last-minute details. If all you want is someone to manage the events only when they are happening, the day-of wedding coordinator might be a better option.

Do You Need Both a Wedding Coordinator and a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator?

Some people choose to hire both a wedding coordinator and a day-of wedding coordinator in Colorado. If you aren’t good at planning or don’t want the stress of event management, you can go this route. However, some wedding coordinators will also provide day-of services, so that’s something to ask about in the interview process.

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