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You know how to find the wedding venue you want, but you’re unsure about if should you hire a wedding coordinator in Colorado Springs. Many people wonder the same thing! What does a wedding coordinator do anyway? Let’s define what a wedding coordinator is, what their duties and responsibilities are, and help you determine if this service would benefit you when planning for your big day. We also compare how the wedding coordinator is different from other helpers you could hire.

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What is a Wedding Coordinator?

The wedding coordinator focuses on the logistics of your event. You wouldn’t hire a wedding coordinator until closer to the wedding date. But, what benefits does a wedding coordinator provide? In short, coordination, stress-relief, and time-savings. The wedding coordinator is going to handle the legal side of your wedding contracts, payments, and accounts.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Duties of a Wedding Coordinator

The wedding coordinator’s roles and responsibilities vary based on what you need. What is a wedding coordinator responsible for? Let’s review the top wedding coordinator tasks you can use for your big day.

1. Puts in the Appropriate Amount of Time

Most wedding coordinators are going to invest about 25 hours in your wedding. Surely the larger your wedding is, the more time is needed. Make sure you understand all of the wedding coordinator duties up front to keep the time at bay.

2. Timely Meetings to Check-in with You & Your Wedding

The wedding coordinator is going to meet with you as the wedding approaches. These meetings will be used to review the legal documents and other agreements related to your wedding.

3. Contacting Vendors, Reviewing Wedding Contracts, Confirm Wedding Logistics

Your wedding coordinator looks over all the contracts with the vendors so you don’t have to. Before you sign any contract, the wedding coordinator in Denver or Colorado Springs will make sure everything is in your best interests. They are also responsible for confirming all of the logistics to ensure your day goes as planned.

4. Create Detailed Timelines & Floor Plans for the Wedding

With everything planned out perfectly, you know all the wedding necessities will be accounted for. Your wedding coordinator is responsible for all the timelines and floor plans, leaving the burden of this planning off of your shoulders.

5. Final Walkthrough of Wedding Ceremony & Reception Sites

Right before the event, your wedding coordinator will do a final walkthrough to ensure everything is in order. If any last-minute changes need to occur, they will take care of it for you.

6. Awareness of Overlooked Details or Vendor Needs

Because the wedding coordinator understands the ins and outs of every contract, they know what should be happening. If something gets overlooked at the wedding venue or with one of your vendors, the coordinator will handle it.

7. Wedding Rehearsal Management

Your wedding coordinator is responsible for handling the rehearsal, ensuring everything goes as planned. Let this person direct everything and you will notice how smoothly it goes.

8. Overseeing Day Of Wedding Coordination

On your wedding day, many things get overlooked because you are focused on enjoying the day. However, your wedding coordinator has your back and makes sure everything occurs as it should.

When to Hire a Wedding Coordinator & Things to Consider

There are three main reasons why you would hire a wedding coordinator.

Wedding Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner: How are They Different?

The wedding coordinator is very different from the wedding planner but similar to a wedding consultant. The wedding planner handles all of the details from start to finish. This job includes watching the budget carefully and executing all of the logistics. They can put in up to 250 hours to get it all done perfectly. The wedding consultant is a fancy name for saying wedding coordinator. However, you can also hire a wedding designer if your main concern is the aesthetics of the wedding. Whichever one you choose, you can find the ideal wedding coordinator and venue in Colorado Springs at the White Cottage Guest Farm. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need to create your perfect day. Your wedding day should be full of happiness and love, ditch the stress and focus on how beautiful you’ll look in that dress. If you have any questions or need help with your wedding, contact us below and we’ll be happy to help.

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