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Do you know how to address wedding invitations? You may have picked out the perfect wedding venue in Colorado Springs, but if you don’t understand how to address wedding envelopes, you might not start the event on the proper foot. We will teach you the proper way to address wedding invitations so you can focus on more important matters like finding that perfect wedding dress or planning out the big day.

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Our Guide on How to Properly Address Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding envelope addressing, there are different methods based on who you are sending them to no matter which wedding invitation design you choose. For example, if you need to learn how to address wedding invitations to a family, you won’t do the same steps as you would when learning how to address wedding invitations to a single person. Let’s examine some wedding invitation address etiquette by each unique situation.

How to Address Wedding Invitations to a Family

Wedding invitations to a family should include the parents’ names on the outer envelope and the kids’ names on the inner envelope. If you fail to use the children’s names, one might assume that kids are not included or allowed at the wedding.

Here’s an example of what you want to do on the outer envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith

However, you would do this on the inner envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith

Jennifer, Lucy, Donald, and Jack

How to Address Wedding Invitations for Married Couples

To send formal wedding invitations to a married couple, you want to put both names on the same line. However, if they have different last names, you want to list the person you are the closest to first. Otherwise, go in alphabetical order. Here’s an example:

Outer Envelope:

Mr. John Doe and Ms. Jackie Smith

Inner Envelope:

Mr. Doe and Ms. Smith

– or –

John and Jackie

How to Address Wedding Invitations with Kids

If you want the parents and children to attend your Colorado wedding, you will follow the same steps as listed above with families. Please make sure the children are included on the inner envelope, but they don’t need to be listed on the outer envelope.

If the children are 18 or older, they should receive their own wedding invitation. Address the wedding invitation envelopes the same way you would to a single person living alone or a single person with a guest/plus-one.

How to Address Wedding Invitations with Guest

When you are inviting a person and allowing for a guest, you need to make that clear on the wedding invitation envelopes. If you know who the guest or plus-one is ahead of time, don’t be afraid to include the name of the partner or plus-one instead of just writing “guest” as it is more meaningful and personable. Here’s an example:

Outer Envelope:

Ms. Jackson and Guest

– or –

Ms. Jackson and Mr. Smith

Inner Envelope:

Ms. Jackson and Guest

– or –

Samantha & Benjamin

How to Address Wedding Save the Dates

When telling people about the date of the event and the wedding venue, you want to use the same formality as you did with the envelopes. Make sure you use proper names on the outer envelopes and include any minor children on the inner envelopes.

What All to Write on Wedding Card Envelopes & Invitations?

Example of a wedding invitation envelope showing the details you want to include such as names, dates, menus, and times

The only items that should be on the envelopes should be the names of the people you send the wedding invitations to. However, inside the envelope, your wedding invitations will include the recipients’ names, wedding venue details, event date and time, and any other information you want the guests to know. Don’t forget to include your RSVP date!

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