Soon to be married couple discusses pricing options with a wedding coordinator in Colorado Springs

The wedding coordinator is in charge of ensuring everything goes smoothly at your chosen wedding venue in Denver and beyond. These professionals are not to be confused with the wedding planner. But, how much does a wedding coordinator cost? We look at the average cost of a wedding coordinator and discuss the factors that alter Colorado’s wedding coordinator prices.

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Average Cost of a Wedding Coordinator: Colorado vs. Nationwide

Colorado’s wedding coordinator cost seems to run in line with what’s found elsewhere in the country. A wedding coordinator costs around $775 on average nationwide. While some factors might change these prices, such as the package of services they provide, you can expect an average wedding coordinator cost that looks like this.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Wedding Coordinator

The cost of a wedding coordinator is going to depend on several factors, including:

The only way to get an accurate wedding coordinator price is to meet with a professional wedding coordinator and discuss all of these factors.

Should I Hire a Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Planner?

You should hire a wedding planner if you are looking to have someone take on a majority of the duties. People with demanding jobs find the wedding planner to be a big help. Wedding planners are also helpful if you aren’t sure what you are doing. On the other hand, a wedding coordinator is a good option for anyone that needs support with the details. The wedding coordinator will work with you to make sure the last-minute details are in order. It’s a great option if you don’t have the money to pay the higher wedding planner cost.

The Cost of a Wedding Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are usually more expensive than wedding coordinators because they have more duties and a more significant role in your wedding. While a wedding planner’s average price is often around $1,800, it can become much higher than a wedding coordinator’s price. If you plan a large, extravagant wedding, expect to pay double, or more, than a wedding coordinator’s price.

How to Know When You Need a Wedding Coordinator

Bride-to-be discussing what she needs for her wedding and if she should hire a wedding coordinator or planner

You might decide to hire a wedding coordinator if you need support ironing out all of the details. The coordinator isn’t going to plan your wedding for you but acts as another set of hands and eyes to ensure everything goes as planned. A wedding coordinator in Denver or Colorado Springs can help relieve some stress and tension while taking over some of the workload.

How to Save Money When Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

To reduce the wedding coordinator cost, consider interviewing several candidates. You can choose one that offers a lower price but still provides plenty of services. Just make sure you don’t select a wedding coordinator with poor reviews. This is your big day, after all.

Does a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Cost More?

You should be able to find a day-of wedding coordinator for less than $1,000, depending on what you need them to do. However, hire this person in advance, as waiting until the last minute could drastically increase your day-of-wedding coordinator cost.

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