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Nothing can create an argument faster than the wedding guest list. If you are faced with asking yourself – how many people should I invite to my wedding – you need this helpful guide. We give you tips based on small vs. large weddings and how to manage your guest list based on any wedding venue you’re reviewing.

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How Big Should Your Wedding Guest List Be?

You are asking, “who to invite to my wedding?” That’s a common concern, but you must determine the guest list by the wedding size. In either Denver or Colorado Springs, your prospective wedding venue will play a big part in the size of the wedding you can have. Whatever your guest list looks like, whether it be 50 or 200 people, it’s essential you are happy. There’s no shame in a small or large wedding guest list. Make your guest list as big or small as you like as long as you’re happy!

What is the Average Number of People Invited to a Wedding?

The average number of people on wedding guest lists in America is around 130, but that number continues to decrease each year. Of course, you don’t need to fall in line with the average guest list for a wedding. You can do what’s comfortable for you.

Small vs. Large Wedding Guest Lists

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How many guests you should invite to your wedding is a personal decision between you and your spouse. You want to surround yourself with the people that make you happy, not necessarily the people you feel obligated to invite or that others say you should invite. If you are having a small wedding, you need to keep the list to a minimum. Plus, the smaller the guest list, the lower the wedding venue cost will be, leading to an overall lower price for the entire wedding.

Am I Inviting Too Many People to My Wedding?

If you have a long list of wedding guest invites, what are you worried about? Are you struggling with the wedding cost, or do you feel uncomfortable having so many people there? These are valid concerns, and both might encourage you to have a smaller wedding. If you are worried about other’s expectations or perceptions of your wedding guest list size, don’t. It’s not their wedding, it’s your big day, and you should invite as many people as you want as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t cause you unnecessary stress. However, keep in mind that not everyone will attend your wedding that you invite. Typically, between 75-85% of the local guests you invite will show up on the wedding day. By factoring this into the equation, you avoid an over-capacity wedding by preparing for, at maximum, 85% of all your wedding invites showing up on the big day.

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Guest List

You can use a wedding guest list decision tree to help you make your decisions. You could also make your list and have your spouse make theirs and then compare or combine. You and your spouse should include the same people on both lists in your wedding and then discuss the importance of inviting the other guests who don’t match.

How to Avoid Wedding Guest List Mistakes

Here are four of the top wedding guest list mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. You have too many people on the list. You’re stressing and don’t want people to be left out. Make an A list and a B list. Put the most important people on your A list and other people on a B list. Invite people on your B list only after you receive a few Nos from your A list.
  2. Your parents are pushing for people to attend that you don’t know because they met you once when you were 3 years old. If you are footing the bill, consider giving each parent a set number of invites that they can use for their friends.
  3. Coworkers are bugging you about your wedding. You’re wondering whether or not you should invite coworkers to your wedding. Don’t invite the whole office but consider only inviting the people you work with who are friends outside of work and maybe your superior.
  4. Everyone plans to bring kids to your adult-only wedding. While we all love kids at weddings, some wedding festivities aren’t appropriate for children. Set firm guidelines for wedding guests with kids and don’t back down.

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