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Once you’ve picked out the perfect wedding venue in Colorado Springs, you never think about having to cancel. However, things happen and there might be times when you need to ask for a wedding venue refund. We will discuss why you are at risk of losing your wedding deposit, how to read the wedding venue contract, and what you can do to get that refund.

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Can You Lose Your Wedding Venue Deposit?

Depending on the wedding venue cancellation policy, you could be at risk of losing your deposit at a venue in Denver or Colorado Springs. That’s why it is so important to understand any agreement you make with the wedding venue.

Top Ways You Could Lose Your Wedding Venue Deposit

Depending on what your reasoning is, you might have trouble getting a deposit back from a wedding venue in Colorado Springs, especially if the agreement doesn’t have any room for a refund. You might need to cancel your wedding for the following reasons:

Pay Close Attention to Wedding Contract Details & Cancellation Policies

You should never enter into a contract with a wedding venue without reading all of the policies. Read every fine detail to ensure you have the protection you want. If you want the option to get your wedding deposit back, you need to know what the eligible terms are. You should also figure out what fees would apply when you cancel the wedding venue deposit.

Extenuating Circumstances Where You Could Lose Your Wedding Deposit

While it doesn’t happen every day, some people find themselves in tough situations that cause the wedding to be canceled. Lately, COVID has taken a toll on wedding dates and plans. However, there is no rule that venues need to give back money on a deposit, especially if the agreement states otherwise. Read the wedding venue contract to determine if you would get your money back during unforeseen events, bad weather, or health issues.

How to Ensure You Keep Your Wedding Deposit & Get a Full Refund

Before you sign a contract, you want to know how to keep your wedding deposit if something happens. Read every detail of the agreement before signing it. If you don’t understand it, speak with your attorney before signing on the dotted line. If the contract includes a force majeure clause, both parties are freed from contractual obligations after an act of God. If there isn’t terminology stating, “public health crisis” or “epidemic,” you still may not be able to get your money back. Of course, most reputable wedding venues are giving back the deposit, no questions asked right now. If you are in a state with some sort of stay-at-home order, you have a greater chance of getting back your wedding venue deposit, but even in areas where there isn’t one, the CDC recommends postponing large gatherings. As a worst-case scenario, you might need to get your lawyer involved.

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